© 2014 by New York Artists International Competition: infonyaic@gmail.com

Repertoire & Competition Rules

  1. Repertoire
    Instrument / Ensemble: 
    *One piece from the standard repertoire must be chosen and performed by MEMORY with the exception of Ensembles.

    Voice - Clasical:
    *One piece from Italian standard repertoire by MEMORY/
    *One piece from your own choice (Tot. Two Pieces)
    Voice - Musical:
    *One piece from English standard repertoire by MEMORY/ 
    *One piece from your own choice (Tot. Two Pieces)

  2. One movement from Multiple movement piece is acceptable.

  3. No Repeats (& No Cadenza).

  4. No Changes to Repetoire once application is submitted.

  5. Audition piece must not exceed 6 minutes. (Make cut if neccessary)

  6. Participant must bring 3 copys of thier performing piece.

  7. Participant who needs the accompanist may bring there own accompanist otherwise can request an accompanist.